Aleksandra Karolina

Aleksandra always knew that dancing was her passion, but never got to train properly until she was 16. She joined a local dance group in Poland her native country, where she tried a little bit of everything – ballet, ballroom, hip hop and contemporary. After two months of hard work, she performed in one of the shows in the theatre with the group. She then moved to London where she dropped dancing classes to focus on studying Business Travel and Tourism and her full-time job.

It wasn’t until 2010 that she first heard about pole dancing and was inspired by the exciting live acrobatic performances and the ability of the human body that she decided to start classes with Ecole De Pole. A true EDP star, with all her training having been guided by the Ecole de Pole team, Alex was one of the first graduates to make it through the entire Ecole de Pole syllabus to Advanced 3 level, and is now part of the elite Professional Crew.

Pole dancing is now a part of her life and she can’t imagine living without doing it. It led her to overcome the doubts and fears about herself and her body. She is now able to do tricks and moves that she was always afraid of (that’s why she is called the ‘Handstand Queen’!), and is one of the sassiest, slinkiest sexy style pole performers at Ecole de Pole (she was selected in the United Pole Artists – Top 25 “Sexy Back” Videos for 2014, and has been a regualr finalist in Pole Theatre UK CLASSIQUE for years, a Pole Art Spain finalist 2015 and has also been selected as Finalist for Pole Theatre Greece!)  Aleksandra truly believes that attention to detail and practice makes perfect. Her persistence and patience together with all the great training she has received, let her also achieve the level she has accomplished, so if you are looking for somebody with loads of patience, and to explore the sexier side of pole dance and movement – Aleksandra is the one!