Alexandra Vojtku

Alex’s pole career history goes back to 2012 when she started pole fitness in Hungary. The path to pole dance was not quick! She first heard about pole fitness while she was attending university studying Applied Economics and Marketing. After her first pole class she already knew she had found the missing piece from her life. The positive atmosphere and the super exciting moves really impressed her so she decided to continue. Her dedication to pole was so strong from the first moment, she wanted to learn everything possible moves to get better as soon as she could. She quickly became a pole addict!

Her interest led her to study sports in general and its benefits, and she completed a fitness instructor course in 2013. Meanwhile, she started teaching private classes for beginners and intermediate level polers. After she graduated at the University of Debrecen she moved to London and decided to become an instructor. (Simply because she realised how much fun it is to teach other people!) By the end of the year she had completed a pole fitness instructor course.

In her classes, Alex thrives to teach at the best level she can, and her aim is to share the knowledge she gained throughout the years. She has attended workshops with several champions like Alex Shchukin, Oona Kivelä, Phoenix Kazree, Heidi Coker and Jess Leanne Norris (so far!). When she is not teaching at a studio, she is preparing for competitions and working really hard on her performances. She is also passionate in aerial arts like Aerial Hoop and Silks.

Qualifications: BA Degree in Economics and Marketing, Qualified Fitness Instructor, Pole Fitness Instructor Beginner level – Advanced Level Competitions: Pole Sport Hungarian Championship 2015 1st place in Professional Category, Finalist Pole Art Spain 2015, Finalist IPAAT 2016