Anna de Carvalho

Originally from Finland, Anna de Carvalho comes from a classical and contemporary dance background. She completed her professional dance studies in Paris and holds the French Diplôme d’Etat in Dance Education. In her “life before pole” she worked as a dancer, choreographer and teacher in different European countries such as France, Spain, Greece, Finland and the UK. Justine discovered Anna in one of her first pole classes in 2009, and she was immediately picked for the teacher training course and to become one of the first instructors at Ecole de Pole in London UK in 2010 where she applied her previous dance education and teaching skills to her pole classes.

Her expressive lyrical/contemporary approach quickly turned out to be very successful amongst her students as well as in the world of circus and cabaret, taking her and her pole act around the globe to perform for audiences who had never seen pole dancing presented in this way before. In 2012 alone, Anna performed over 200 pole shows in some of the top venues in London, Macao, Mexico and Ibiza. Anna has recently expanded her performance repertory to other acrobatic aerial disciplines, but pole remains her signature act and she takes great pride in bringing this beautiful form of contemporary art to the knowledge of the general public.

She placed 6th in the Pole World Cup 2011 in Rio de Janeiro, was a Pole Art 2011 finalist and a Pole Art 2012 & 2013 jury member. Anna continues to travel the world performing, and when sporadically back in London exclusively guest teaches for us at her Home Studio Ecole de Pole! In 2013/14 she held a contract in Singapore performing in the new Circus Musical “The Lightseeker”, alongside her Doubles Pole Partner and regular Ecole de Pole visitor and guest instructor, Saulo Sarmiento.  They have performed their amazing aerial pole act on French television for the show “The Best” filmed in Paris, and places such as The Box, London.

She is now performing an incredible SOLO act on a swinging Aerial Pole – which has taken her to perform at the Sydney Opera House and Hamburg Theatres.