Felicity Logan

Felicity is a pole artist and contortionist who began her story from a small town in the Scottish Borders.  After always feeling like a big fish in a smallpond she left her hometown as a teenager to embark on a journey of self-discovery.  She came across pole dancing in Glasgow and since then it has been more than a passion but also her life.  She abruptly abandoned the conventional life and began to travel the world pole dancing.  The last few years she decided to take her training seriously and has been competing.  Currently holding the titles of Miss Pole Dance UK Runner up 2012 & 2013, as well as Best Tricks 2012/2013 and Best costume 2013, and a finalist in the World Pole Sports & Fitness Championship in London 2014.

Felicity captivates audiences everywhere she goes with her outstanding strength and extreme flexibility.  With no prior experience in anything dance or gymnastic related Felicity believes that a strong passion and determination is all you need to become an elite pole dancer.  Anything is possible to those who believe in their dreams.  She teaches both the Contortion & Professional Classes at Ecole de Pole, is a regular instructor at the Ecole de Pole EASTER SCHOOLS (London 2014 and Poland 2015), and is a performer in Justine’s La Plume Noire agency. Felicity is now traveling the world, studying Fitness in Australia and teaching at numerous studios across Aus on her travels! When in London she can be found bending and training at EDP.