Joana Irina Dias

Joana is a multi skilled, dynamic and creative performer currently specialising in Aerial Hoop at The Circus Space. She is also an experienced dancer, actress and singer.

Joana has been interested in performing since she can remember as she first took to the stage at the age of 6, winning a song contest in her hometown in Portugal. At the age of 11 she took performance onto the next level by starting ballroom dance, which she competed in for the next 7 years. She also participated in several Portuguese Tv shows dancing and singing. Joana and her partner achieved the title of National Champion for several years, and competed at the world famous Blackpool Dance Festival.

At the age of 18, Joana entered in a Tv Song Contest, Operacao Triunfo, which led her to represent Portugal in The Eurovision Song Contest in Serbia and perform in the Portuguese version of Fame The Musical and High School Musical.

However, she decided to take performance to a different place and changed her path to Circus Arts. She joined The Chapito, in Lisbon, where she explored many disciplines including hand to hand and fell in love with circus before making the adventure to join The Circus Space in London, where she is now specialising in Aerial Hoop. She has developed a strong and dynamic technique, and has also created her own movement style using the skills she has learnt from ballet, clown, theatre and contemporary movement.

Joana is a fresh, young exciting Aerial Hoop teacher, bringing to her classes a creative mix of ballroom and contemporary movement, sensuality, flexibility and of course new aerial hoop tricks. She will also be choreographing a new Hoop routine for each level of the courses she teaches at Ecole de Pole to give students a chance to try performing a show and linking all their skills together. She looks forward to passing on and sharing her knowledge of movement, circus experience and new creative Hoop combos to all at EDP.