Louisa Outram

Louisa started pole dancing in Jan 2009. She had been considering it for a while when she saw a friends pole dancing pictures on Facebook. She was inspired and had to book a course!  She started training with Justine mid 2009, and as she enjoyed Justine’s style of dance and teaching so much, followed to Ecole de Pole when it opened in Jan 2010 as one of our first students, progressing through the levels right up to Advanced 3 in no time (and is now known for her flips and shoulder mounts on the pole, fearless drops and having beauuuutiful Justine style dancer feet!)

Since Ecole de Pole opened, Louise has participated in just about every course we have to offer, so knows the syllabus inside and out: Poled Up!, Strut and Spin, Advanced 1, 2 & 3, ADV Conditioning… and is now part of the Professional Crew. The commitment Louisa has put into her pole training throughout taking these courses with us – building her strength, skills and flexibility have proven great results for her fitness, confidence, and she can now do the splits, something that has eluded her since childhood. She also had her performance debut entering the UKAPP competition 2010, an amazing and inspiring journey for any adult that does not have a dance or performance background – showing that Pole can change lives, improve your fitness and opens doors to some great life experiences and challenges.

Being so passionate about pole dancing, Louisa expressed a desire to teach in order to help others, and loves the idea of helping someone achieve what she has found through this art: passion, confidence, fitness and joy!

Outside of Pole Dancing, Louisa holds a BSc in Cybernetics and Control Engineering, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Cybernetics and currently works as a Traffic Control Engineer, trying to keep London’s road network moving! Proving that pole fitness is popular across all walks of life! Louisa recently gave birth to her first bubba Bethany in 2014, but is already back on the pole training away! There’s just no keeping her away from the pole any longer! Louisa is our resident Admin girl – there is no holding her back she is a woman of many talents!!