Yvonne ‘Oishii’ Hashim

Being a fitness fanatic and relatively small (5ft ish), Yvonne started her fitness journey in 2002 where she embarked upon a martial arts focus by learningWing Chun and evolved from there to Kick Boxing in 2003, in 2004 shesettled on Muay Thai Boxing and continued to train in that field for 4 years. Yvonne says that Muay Thai lends itself to someone of her stature and size as it teaches you to protect yourself with elbows and knees should you ever need it, as well as instilling a strict fitness and strength element into her training. In 2007 she took her fitness journey to the next step and qualified as a Personal Trainer with the National  Academy of Sports Academy but 3 months after qualifying she had a motorbike accident that set her back by 6 months of recovery.  Unfortunately the accident affected her combative  streak to continue to study Muay Thai however she still remain an avid spectator today. Being naturally competitive and achievement driven, in 2008 she took up rock climbing and upon reaching a high-level was featured in a ‘Jingo Wobbly Topo’ rock climbing guide on a world famous bouldering challenge ‘La Marie Rose’ in Fontainbleu.

Yvonne discovered pole fitness in 2013 through a friend and quickly realised that is was the perfect medium for her to channel her fitness and strength attributes, that she has developed in the past, and was so happy when she found ‘Ecole de Pole’ in 2014. A school with the right level of discipline and one that ignited her love of all things aerial and upside down. Although she has probably had a more unusual journey into the pole training arena she soon found she had a real passion for it and it enabled her to incorporate all her key fitness facets whilst enabling her to express myself in such a wonderful aesthetic form and she says she hasn’t looked back since.