Since 2010

Ecole de Pole & PoleFit London
bring you London's best pole studio!

Internationally Accredited Instructor Training

Pole Camps & Retreats

Pilates & Stretch

London’s original pole studio has been creating a welcoming community environment to explore movement, pole dance and fitness under the guidance of experienced and trusted instructors, from absolute beginners to advanced and elite competitive polers since 2010!

Ecole de Pole has now merged with PoleFit London to bring you the absolute best and highest standards in pole training in London and the UK!

We’re committed to providing a fun, inclusive and safe environment for everyone, regardless of their goals – whether they’re fitness related, just for fun, or you have aspirations to perform or teach.

Pole Dance Classes

Pole is a super fun way to gain strength and improve fitness. Whether you are looking to just work on tricks or explore choreo and dance – we offer a range of different class styles to suit your goals! From absolute beginners to advanced and elite polers looking to compete, we have a class for you

Face-to-Face and Online Courses

Ecole de Pole’s internationally accredited Instructor Courses provide the most up-to-date, evidence-based pole teacher training programs available. If you are passionate about Pole and want to make it your career, the Ecole de Pole MASTER Training Series is for you.

Pilates &Yoga

Whether you opt for a classical mat Pilates session or Vinyasa Yoga class at EDP you can expect to receive a balanced, whole-body workout that focuses on re-balancing the body. Through a combination of strengthening weak areas and releasing tight areas the body will be tuned up to create healthy movement, strong joints, healthy posture and positive well-being.

Pole Retreats

Join a retreat for a unique opportunity to enjoy different cultures around the world while doing what you’re passionate about. If you want to level up your Pole skills and connect with other pole dancers on one of our signature retreats in 2023, book now!