Pole Classes

First Timer Tips

  • Give one of our bi-monthly Beginner Trial classes a go if unsure and you want to see what it’s all about – these are for absolute first time beginners only, so you will get a chance to really see what pole is like surrounded by others that are also in it for the first time!
  • Wear shorts and a vest/ crop (we actually need skin grip on our legs to stick to the pole!)
  • Bring a small towel and water
  • You may experience a few superficial bruises on the pole as a beginner – don’t worry – this is absolutely normal. Once your skin gets used to it, they tend to go away.
  • Heels are optional – totally up to you! You can pole barefoot or in heels.
  • Our instructors are all qualified and insured with numerous fitness and dance certificates and years of professional experience as dancers, fitness professionals, coaches and performers; to ensure you are given the best, safest instruction right from beginners.

Our Class Levels

Beginner Trial Class

60 min taster class – not sure Pole Dancing is for you? Come try out one of our bi-monthly trial classes! We’re positive you will love it so much you’ll want to come back for more!!

FOR FIRST TIME POLERS ONLY – you can only purchase this class type once as a new and absolute beginner to pole. If you want to be assessed and already pole, please attend any casual, open or practice class to be assessed.


For absolute beginners to pole. Build strength in your core and upper body, improve flexibility and posture. Learn tricks such as climbs, spins and floorwork and beginner pole grips. You will usually spend about 6-8 weeks in this level before moving up to Elementary. For very small classes we sometimes combine Beginners with Elementary, so feel free to drop in to either a Beginners or combined Beginner/ Elementary class!

Prereqs: None!


Build on your beginner technique & strength. Develop your tricks, grips such as split grip, climbs, sits & spins, genie, pixie sit and put them all into more challenging combinations (there are no inverts in this class, but this class will prepare you to invert in the next level!)

Prereqs: Climb, Scissor Kick, Back Hook, Stag/ Attitude spin

Intermediate 1

Learn to invert on the pole! Conditioning exercises in this course will focus on improving strength and technique to support going upside down for the first time. Tricks you will learn include basic inverts, crucifix, straddle inverts, hello boys (wrist sit), handstands against the pole, outside and inside leg hangs, laybacks. You can expect to spend around 8-16 weeks in this level if consistent – remember pole is a very individual journey! Take your time – we want you to be equipped with all the foundations to master the progressions in the next level!

Prereqs: Chair Spin, Genie from the floor (not from an invert), Double spins, Multiple Climbs, Horizontal Hook spin, Jamilla/ Tuck spin, Corkscrew/ Fireman, Basic Split Grip moves, Pole Sit, Forward hook

Intermediate 2

You will learn moves such as shoulder mount, superman, aerial inverts, butterfly, more handstands against the pole, half flags, the introduction of elbow grips and leg switches. Conditioning exercises in this course will focus on improving strength and technique. You might find you want to spend a fair amount of time in this level as there is a plethora of intermediate levels to be mastered! 

Prereqs: Corkscrew/ Split grip Climbs, Layout, Layback, inside and outside leg hang, Crucifix, Straddle, One handed spins.


This level introduces you to more challenging foundation advanced tricks getting you ready to hit the advanced classes with the skills you will need! You will learn things such as Jade, Cupid, Iguana, walkovers, split tricks, preps for Elbow Aysha & Split Grip Aysha, foot press/ Reiko, Ballarina, brass monkey, Allegra and extended butterfly, basic drops, plus aerial inverts. You will start training preps for the pole dancer’s ultimate rite of passage move – the handspring!

Prereqs: Reverse Grab, Butterfly, Leg switches, Basic aerial inverts to crucifix and inside/outside leg hang, shoulder mount from the floor

Advanced 1

Adv 1 will train handsprings in all grips including true & twisted grip, beginner flips and dynamic descents such as drops and tumbles, Plus sign, tabletop, aerial shoulder mounts,  meat hook, and more advanced splits tricks and handstands.  Conditioning will start to prepare you for Iron X and the tricks that will be attempted in the higher advanced and elite classes.

Prereqs: strong aerial invert, brass monkey, Iguana, split grip Aysha preps and elbow aysha preps, Jade. 

Advanced 2 / Elite

Adv 2/ Elite will work on pegasus, deville, Iron X, dragons tails, aerial deadlifts, phoenix, advanced drops and flips, grip changes & all the latest Instagram tricks and other extreme flexibility tricks and combos, for example reverse aysha, russian split, broken split.

Prereqs: Handsprings in all grips from the floor, star flip, brass monkey tumble, Foot mount (reiko)

Other Classes


Improve your flexibility. Each week will have a different focus area or combine some together including: front splits, straddles, back flexibility and shoulder mobility, using active, dynamic, static and PNF stretching techniques.

Flexibility can assist in everyday functional movement as well as of course, increasing achievable range of motion in your pole and aerial tricks!

Pole Conditioning

Conditioning is as essential part of training; focus on the specific movement patterns and muscles needed to improve and master the tricks and combos in your level classes.

With a dedicated conditioning class added to your pole training regime, you will be improving your technical execution, muscle memory, strength, shoulder engagement and stability; all things needed to progress safely and reduce the risk of injury during your pole journey!

Spinning Pole

Did you know the poles can actually spin? Yep they are interchangeable between spin and static!  It’s a whole different experience!  In this class the poles will be on spin and you will learn how to approach the pole in a different way, control your spin, and make pretty shapes and combos all whilst spinning! 

Choose an all levels class or one that is specific to your current level. Classes will offer progressions and regressions of combinations suitable for the designated level of the class whether it be for beginners, inters or advanced. 

EXO Tricks & Heels Tech

From shoulder stands to clacks and kips, this class focuses on exo style tricks and heels technique. All levels welcome! 

This class is great to take before Heels Choreo – to breakdown and learn each trick individually before putting them into a sequence in the routine choreo each week.

Heels Choreo & Floorwork Choreo Classes

Choose from Beginners Flow Choreo or the more advanced Heel Choreo Classes, or our Intermediate Floorwork & Low Flow Heels Choreo.

Learn a short routine each class, ranging from slow flow, to sexy show or hard exo.

Clacks, kips and slinky flows depending on the class type and level… Bring your heels and stamina and be ready to dance! (knee pads also recommended – wear socks if you prefer!)

Low Flow & Floorwork

Low Flow & Floorwork will give you the chance to learn styles that are grounded into the floor, such as lyrical or contemporary, low flow and sometimes more upbeat and powerful dance styles (with no shoes!!) This class does not focus on tricks – but on dance on, off and around the pole and floor. Be prepared to get expressive and delve into the world of flow movement! We recommend you still bring knee pads and shorts in case needed – leggings or long pants can sometimes be useful.

This class does not focus on tricks – but on dance on, off and around the pole and floor. Be prepared to get expressive and delve into the world of flow movement!

We recommend you still bring knee pads and shorts in case needed – leggings or long pants can sometimes be useful.

Flip Foundations

Master the foundation skills required to attempt flips on the pole!  From handstand and dynamic drills to breaking down alignment, entries and fundamental flip technique; you will learn to safely attempt pole flips. 

Limited to 6 participants only (if you miss out be sure to waitlist yourself as we may be able to change studio rooms last minute and offer additional spaces on some weeks!)

Advanced Dynamic Pole

For the advanced polers – this class will explore all of Hannah’s fave tumbles, drops and dynamic sequences. With 4.5m poles to play on in our comp room and aerial grade pole crash mat – this is the perfect setting to attempt these moves safely under Hannah’s guidance

If you miss out be sure to waitlist yourself as we may be able to change studio rooms last minute and offer additional spaces on some weeks!

Aerial Hoop

Hoop (also known as Lyra) is a circus art where you will learn to perform tricks in a metal ring suspended from a rig from the ceiling! Super fun and super cool, dancing in the air in a hoop will really work your core (and literally every muscle in your body!)

Our hoop instructors are all National Circus school graduates and professional performers.  

Pole/ Hoop Hire

Book a pole or hoop to yourself to practise at the studio. One per pole/hoop – you will have your apparatus all to yourself!

Note there is no instructor and as such you should have some experience and understand any risks are your own – no instruction will be given. If you prefer to have an instructor present to help you, please book OPEN PRACTISE. 

Please let us know in advance if you want a hoop rigged for your session!

Open Practise

Open practise with an instructor in studio to help you if you need!  Exclusively limited to 6 per session in our comp training space to ensure you can receive personalised attention on what you want to work on!

A fun open prac time to jam with your friends and work together on tricks you’ve been mastering across your classes! 2 per pole (limited to 6 in the session only!). If you are after a pole to yourself, book Pole Hire.


Celebrate a fun occassion with a pole dancing class with your friends! 

Suitable for hen, stags, birthdays, corporate team building or just a day of fun with your friends – our 75mins group pole or dance parties will teach you a few tricks and a routine to get you moving (and a chance to take lots of photos and videos as proof for your hen/ stag or birthday person!)

Choose from any style we offer if you want to add some variety: Pole, Burlesque, Strip, Lap, Booty, Twerk!

We can cater to a small group of 4 or as large as 20. Small groups min £120 (up to 9 people). Large groups £220 (10-20 people)

All party classes include a full fun warm up, pole tricks or dance moves and a sexy routine in your chosen style and cool down.

Contact us for availability.